Kamal Mroke


 “Service with a smile is not a cliché…it’s the fundamental basis of my business…come to India Bistro hungry, leave India Bistro happy.” Mroke said

Welcome to our blog page. Today’s post is about Kamal Mroke, owner of Swad Indian Kitchen and India Bistro Restaurant in Vancouver. We will get to know Kamal, a little better, through this post. If you are curious to learn more about Indian cuisine, and Kamal’s involvement in the Eye Camps charity project in India then keep reading.

Kamal runs India Bistro on Davie Street (11 years) and he recently opened Swad Indian Kitchen in West Vancouver in 2015.

Asian Pacific Post highlighted:

“Mroke arrived in Vancouver from his native Punjab in the early 80’s and plunged himself into the restaurant business as a bus boy and dishwasher while going to school to become a chef. His first business was a cafe in a North Vancouver motel in 1986 after which he operated restaurants in Calgary and Seattle which were frequented by Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Paul Allen. In the Lower Mainland, Mroke had Handi in North Vancouver, Dawat in East Vancouver, Copper Chimney in Downtown Vancouver before opening India Bistro.
“Sometimes people call me the serial restaurateur,” said Mroke, whose wife Navneet, daughter and son all play a role in the family business.
At a corner of India Bistro, there is a green kettle, where patrons can drop off change for his charity effort called Natar Sewa Manch or People’s Eye Charity.
Using  whatever is in the kettle and pumping tens of thousands of their own dollars, Mroke and his pal  Surinder Kainth, a Burnaby mill worker make a trek back to their native Punjab in India every year to conduct eye camps for the poor.
Their efforts have repaired the vision of over 40,000 people over the last decade.
“God has given me a lot, this is just a small way of giving something back,” said Mroke.
“The gratitude shown by these poor people is a very humbling experience…it fills my heart with joy…it makes me happy…it makes it all worthwhile,” said Mroke.
And making people happy, whether it is in India Bistro on Davie Street or in the villages of Punjab, is what Mroke is all about.”

In a recent interview with Kamal

Nationality: Indian

Motive behind your business?

When in high school I used to work in restaurant. Always wanted to have my own business.

How do you define success?

Success is hard work.  My employees’ hard work play a major role in the success of my business.

What motivates you?

Challenge. New things. Meeting new people. New adventures every day.

Greatest fear?

My staff members stop showing to work (laughs!)

How do you define success?

Success doesn’t come over night. It takes times. It comes with one being honest, and hard work.

What makes you happy?

When everything goes smooth at work and in my life. When my employees show up for work (laughs!)

If next time you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi!

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